NVIS filtering components

NVIS Filtering Components

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Cevians custom developed a range of NVIS filtering components, establishing the industry standard for compliance to MIL-STD-85762. Components are made of monolithic glass, polymers, or composites. Material absorption and chromaticity are tailored to optimize light source efficiencies for integration in MIL-P-7788 illuminated panels and keyboards.

  • Since 1984

    In production since 1984, components have been integrated into any NVIS compatible aircraft in the free world.

  • Incadescent lamps to LED

    Cevians has a broad array of standard components to filter sub-miniature and miniature incandescent light bulbs as well as a number of surfaces mount white LEDs. The components are compatible with multiple types of adhesive for full material compatibility when installed in MIL-P-5425 Acrylic panels. They are highly heat resistant and outlast all light source life. Most standard sizes are available from inventory.

Technical Summary

    • Meets MIL-STD-3009 for incandescent and LED light sources
    • Wide operating temperatures ranging from -55° to 105°C
    • Compliant for use in MIL-P-7788 illuminated panels
    • Customizable absorption characteristics from 380 nm to 930 nm
    • High photopic transmission up to 29% for LED
    • NVIS compliant, low radiance, MIL-STD-3009
    • Machinable and moldable materials to custom shapes and sizes, ring, and bathtub shapes
    • Custom injection moldable polymer
    • Integrated reflector
    • Compatible with standard adhesive families, epoxides, acrylates, and urethanes


Cevians has been defining sub-miniature and miniature incandescent light bulbs since 1980. Below is a table resuming our filtering capabilities depending on the component dimensions as defined in the schema.

P/N F-YYYY-XXX-C NVIS Filtering Components


Based on white LED x=y=0.333
NR @ 0.1 fl

P/N F-YYYY-XXX NVIS Filtering Components