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Lean innovation and manufacturing for the world’s leading OEMs.

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Our international customer base and market diversification philosophy have created long-term stability while providing significant growth opportunities. This diversification has enabled us to incorporate global perspectives to fulfill our imperative of being on the cutting edge of each industry’s evolutions.


Inventors of the NVIS technology

Military & Defense

From the inventors of NVIS material technology, we are masters in anything NVIS, from materials and components to display systems. Our solutions have been deployed in military systems in the free world. Sea, Air, Ground.

Leaders in Aerospace Industry


Born from aerospace, we offer unrivaled solutions for the cabin and cockpit and air traffic control tower, covering the broad technical requirements of passengers and pilots from AMLCD entertainment systems to highly specialized cockpit instruments.



Harsh environment, extreme temperatures, high vibration, waterproof and impact-resistant optical products, and display systems.

Transportation Industry


We bring military ruggedness and aerospace reliability to a wide range of applications in transportation. Unparalleled breakthrough applications for the road ahead.

Medical Industry


High-reliability products from custom optical filters in health science to specialized display systems.