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To support the U.S. military’s efforts to deploy commercial-off-the shelf tablets for the digitalization of the battlefield, Cevians developed a wide array of films and filter solutions to provide external, permanent or removable, NVIS compatibility to tablets and laptops. Display systems can be enhanced with a removable iSafeNight filter or permanently ruggedized with a low reflection optically bonded material, ensuring permanent NVIS compliance to MIL-STD-3009. Material composition and finishes also improve sunlight readability by reducing front surface reflection. iSafeNight solutions are compliant with MIL-STD-3009, enabling soldiers to move undetected by enemy infrared detection capabilities, and the use of tablets in the cockpit during night missions.

  • VKK Leading Edge Technology

    iSafeNight is based on Cevians multiple material formulations including VKK technology. The thin filtering layer, 0.012” or less, maintains a high level of red content while absorbing detrimental near-infrared and infrared energy, all without interfering with normal touch functionality.

  • Removable-Rugged

    The iSafeNight filter is reusable and is either maintained in place by a custom retention system or by integrating Cevians nano-shaped features that guarantee adherence without the use of chemical agents. This makes the filter entirely and easily washable and reusable.

  • Any Devices

    The product is available for a number of COTS tablets, monitors, and phones including Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Microsoft, and Getac with various options to maintain the filter in position. This includes a self-adhering surface that allows for rapid installation and removal.

  • Custom Mounting Features & Cases

    Cevians has worked closely with military users, air, and ground to develop a number of custom mechanical mounting features or tablet cases that allow quick installation or removal of the filter.

Technical Summary

    • All polymer construction
    • NVIS compliant with MIL-STD-3009
    • Wide operating temperature, -40°C to 85°C
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Anti-reflective and anti-glare finish, low reflection < 2%
    • Hardness 3H
    • High abrasion resistance MIL-PRF-13830
    • Low haze, low diffuse reflection under 0.5%
    • Self wetting, non-chemical adhesive
    • High red color rendering
    • Improved surface impact resistance
    • Compatible to most optical bonding processes


DC65 65 NVIS Friendly
DC45 45 NVIS Friendly
DC30 30 MIL-STD-3009
DC20 20 MIL-STD-3009


Standard Sheet sizes
12×9″ , 14 x 11″

Standard thickness
0.012″, 0.04″

Coating options
Anti-glare AG

Kits Available

  • Panasonic Thoughbook
  • iPads
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Various Monitors/displays
  • iSafeNight Filters
LED Dimming

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The False Perception of EFB/EKB Led Dimming: Noncompliance With MIL-STD-3009

Military aircrews use two methods to manage interior aircraft lighting when operating with night vision goggles (NVG): 1.) Night vision imaging system (NVIS) filters and 2.) LED Dimming. This white paper will focus on four areas: 1.) Understanding MIL-STD 3009 and its applicability to cockpit light sources including light emitting diode (LED) technology; 2.) LED dimming alone as an NVIS compatibility method with MIL-STD 3009, 3.) Cost as a justification for added risk impacting mission safety, and 4.) The risks involved in using noncompliant digital dimming techniques.