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Since 1982 we have invented breakthrough optical technologies, cultivating innovation as a part of our culture to provide cutting edge solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

We invest in R&D far above industry standards, transforming fundamental science into applied systems. With 95% of our products highly customized to adapt to the challenges that our clients face, we are innovation partners who catalyze the advancement of the industries of tomorrow.

From Molecules to Systems™ Cevians’ formulates materials from the molecular level, leveraging organic, inorganic, and nanostructures to unlock scientific potential.

Translating hypotheses into tangible results

By bringing the only customized vertical integration of breakthrough optical and display solutions to market, Cevians produces the highest quality of products on the micro and macro scale of design and manufacturing. Our exceptionally qualified engineers and scientists define new technological benchmarks, providing dynamic high performance, and highly customized robust solutions to precisely deliver on client expectations.

  • 11.8%

    of our revenue is invested in R&D, far above industry standards.

  • 25

    new products per year are developed by Cevians.

  • 100%

    of private and NVIS compatible military aircraft has Cevians Technology.

  • 20%

    of our workforce is composed of scientists and engineers.

Innovations in chemical synthesis
Innovations in products processing
Innovation in NVIS Absorptive glass
Innovation in NVIS thin-film coatings


Research and innovation are our imperative, acting as the foundation to our success in solving complex challenges with epic solutions.

  • VKK

    High transmission polymer NVIS film

  • Low reflection, low aberration sight window

  • High power NVISable white LEDs

  • NVISable LEDs

    A large family of high-performance NVIS compliant LEDs with various sizes and chromaticities available.

  • IPL White low cost incandescent filter

    Polymer base filter for high-performance low-cost integration.

  • Multiband Laser absorber

    Family of materials ready to mold, or molded to specification.

  • Augmented reality, polymeric filter

    Custom-tailored organic chemistry for high-performance low weight optical sensors.

  • NVIS compatible AMLCD (Patent)

    Custom chromaticity filter integrating NIR absorber in the resin

  • Advanced AMLCD redundancy (Patent)

    Novel redundancy approach for Large area displays

  • Thin film coatings with high layer count, larger surface uniformity

    High speed, large surface thin film coating process. Large surface uniformity