Display Head Assembly

Display Head Assembly (DHA)

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Cevians excels in crafting tailored solutions to meet your unique display head assembly needs. Our expertise lies in designing and engineering custom display head assemblies aligned with your specifications and requirements. With a commitment to precision and innovation, we ensure that every detail, from form to functionality, is meticulously crafted to optimize your display system’s performance.

With highly vertically integrated display head assemblies (DHA) customized to each application, we provide an integrated assembly with any feature the user interacts with from the display, keys, and encoders to touchscreens.

  • Integrated Man-Machine Display Interface

    Technically optimal and commercially simplified, DHA has rapidly been favored by the largest Tier 1 OEMs that seek high performance and cost-efficiency. We customize our DHAs for every application, and also inventory readily available subassemblies that can be integrated or re-engineered to satisfy specific requirements.

  • We Own What We Integrate

    DHAs are more efficiently designed when Cevians’ multidisciplinary team with expertise in all of the subcomponents collaborates to optimize each of the design features. Technical risks are greatly reduced when we, as a single design authority, ensure the highest accountability towards the final product’s performance. Cevians integrates its custom AMLCD and optical products in its DHA.

  • Unparalleled Efficiency

    Our unique capability of integrating all electro-mechanical components and man-machine interfaces with the various AMLCD elements provides significant technical, cost, and time to market efficiencies. In all cases, the resulting number of components in the integrated DHA is reduced, increasing reliability and reducing cost. Most design features perform much more than one role. For example, a light cavity wall can be eliminated and a structural wall in the MMI can take its place.

Technical Summary

    • Integrated LCD modules or custom TFT LCD
    • Display backlight including dual-mode NVIS
    • Backlight driving and thermal management electronics
    • Custom video driver electronics, FPGA based on health monitoring
    • Design in accordance with RTCA DO-254D up to level assurance A
    • Illuminated momentary push buttons, MIL-STD-1074 compliant, finger guards
    • Illuminated indicators, deadfront, MIL-S-22885
    • IP67 compliant
    • MIL-STD-461, EMI gasket interface
    • Operating temperature -55 C to +95C, integrated heater glass
    • Humidity 95% RH
    • Solar Radiation
    • Impact resistance, ball drop and boot kick
    • Sunlight readable total front surface reflection < 0.95%
    • Ambient light sensors
    • Integrated touchscreen
    • WiFi, Bluetooth antenna
    • Custom electronic interface
    • High performance optically bonded components
    • Aluminum 6061-T6, corrosion resistance treated
    • Finished to specification, including CARC paint


    • MIL-STD-810 for military ground and airborne applications, high vibration, and high altitude
    • Wide operating temperature, -55 to +85, no forced convection
    • MIL-STD-704
    • MIL-STD-461
    • DO-160
    • IP67 front
    • Ball drop and boot kick impact resistance
    • Versatile mounting options, including Vesa mount, front and side mounting points
    • Oleophobic touch surfaces
    • Low latency, less than xxx
    • Multiple video interfaces: Fiber optic ARINC-818, DVI-D, RS-422
    • High brightness >350 ftL
    • Low capability dimming down to 0.1 ftL
    • Sunlight readability to MIL-L-85762, high contrast >10:1
    • Viewing angle optimized based on design eye position, from 85-degree cone to, sharp angle attenuation, < 20-degree viewing cone
    • NVIS compliant to MIL-STD-3009
    • BlackBackground compliant
    • Minimal single point of failure with integrated redundancy
    • MTBF MIL-HBK-217F plus of 30,000 hours
    • Non-ITARS restricted