Thin-Film Coatings


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  • Ultimate Performance

    We specialize in high-performance thin-film coatings for complex applications. Our custom high-count optical layers coating are designed and manufactured with unparalleled precision using unique coating chambers and advance optical monitoring system.

  • Highly Optimized

    By leveraging the advantages of our bespoke coating technologies and equipment, Cevians can optimize thin-film coating strategy for highly specific requirements. This includes Plasma Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering, Ion assisted Evaporation, and large-area automated equipment optical measuring. We support small to large volume production and perform optical, mechanical, and environmental qualifications in-house.

  • Over 25 Years in Aerospace

    With over 25 years of high-performance optical filters in aerospace applications, Cevians products have been in service in the most demanding applications including UH-60, F-35, B-52, Eurofighter, F-15, F-16, AH-64 Stryker, MRAP, and numerous others.

Technical Summary

      Industry-Leading Deposition Technologies

    • Sputtering and Evaporation deposition platforms
    • Plasma enhanced processes ensure dense, low loss films
    • In-situ optical monitoring provides extremely tight layer thickness accuracy and repeatability

      Custom-Designed Filters

    • Design and coating capabilities over 0.3 – 20 micron wavelength range
    • Custom filter design per customer specification
    • Filter types including bandpass, long wave pass, short wave pass, multi-band pass, notch, dark mirrors, cold mirrors, hot mirrors, anti-reflection, high reflectors, beam splitters, and ITO and index-matched ITO
    • Low loss coatings with passband transmission up to 99%
    • Blocking up to OD 6 across the silicon and InGaAs detector ranges and up to OD 7 across narrower ranges.
    • Edge uniformity of +/- 0.5% over large-format optics
    • Bandpass FWHM as narrow as 1-2% of CWL
    • Low sensitivity to angles of incidence (AOI)

      Broad Range of Substrate Compatibility

    • Large format substrates up to 452 square inches.
    • Substrate materials include borosilicate glass, filter glasses, fused silica, sapphire, and IR materials
    • Low-temperature processes compatible with polymer substrate materials
    • Uniform coatings on both flat and curved substrates

      Robust Environmental Characteristics:

    • Environmental stability with no humidity or temperature shift
    • Durability performance exceeding MIL-C-48497A
    • Environmental performance exceeding MIL-STD-810F & MIL-STD-883
    • Filter performance stable across temperature range -55°C to 150°C and thermal shock

Custom Thin-Film

Neutral Density

  • AVG Trans. 5 to 95%
  • tolerance+- 2%

Hot Mirror

  • cut off (50% wl) up to 1000 nm
  • tolerance +- 1% of 50%wl

Cold Mirror

  • Turn on (50% wl) up to 1000 nm
  • tolerance +- 1% of 50%wl

Band pass (Single and Multiple)

  • Center WavelengtH (CW) per customer spec
  • FWHM 0.5% of CW

Anti-Reflective AR

  • AOI 0 to 45 deg
  • Photopic reflectance < 0.3
  • Neutral Density Filter
  • Hot Mirror
  • Cold Mirror
  • Multi-Band Pass
  • Single Band Pass
  • Visible AR