LED Backlight

LED Backlight

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Cevians has developed a number of NVIS backlighting solutions for AMLCD. The backlights are either LED backlight rails designed and manufactured to be integrated into customers’ systems or are complete backlight assemblies that include all of the optical elements: LED light sources, NVIS filtering, optical films, light guide, mechanical structure, and driving electronics. The optical performance is modeled in ray-tracing software and optimized for light distribution efficiency.

  • NVIS LED Rails

    Cevians has designed hundreds of custom dual-mode NVIS LED backlights. For displays from 3.5” to 55”, the high brightness backlight rails include NVIS and non-NVIS light sources, selected for brightness and chromaticity. The design includes system redundancy, thermal sensor, and light sensor. Rails include thermal management components to maximize LED life expectancy.

  • Complete NVIS LED Backlight

    Cevians custom design and manufacture integrated NVIS compatible side or direct view backlight assemblies. The high brightness assemblies are electronically programmed to a specific brightness level which guarantees unit to unit uniformity. With full control of the LED drivers, the system can be programmed to match specific dimming functions for day and night. In applications where specific chromaticity is required, Cevians specifically design the backlight to rigorous spectral emission characteristics.

Technical Summary

    • Dual-mode NVIS compliant to MIL-STD-3009
    • BlackBackground
    • From 3.5” to 55”27”
    • IPC Class 3 circuit card manufacturing and assembly
    • RoHS and REACH compliant
    • High light uniformity, > 95% entire viewable surface
    • Custom controlled chromaticity
    • High brightness > 40,000 cd/m^2
    • High MTBF > 40,000 hours
    • Redundant architecture
    • Integrated thermal and brightness sensors
    • Integrated LED drivers and signal conversion, 5VAC, and 5 VDC-32 VDC
    • MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275E, DO-160
    • MIL-STD-810G
    • Low EMI emission, pulse width controlled, MIL-STD-461
    • Broad dimming range 5,000:1