Filtering Components

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  • Diverse Applications

    Leveraging our expertise in optics and material science, Cevians custom developed a number of filtering components for lighting and sensors. With material tailored for absorption between 340nm and 2um, the components can be used in a wide array of applications.

  • Material Satisfaction

    All materials are manufactured to satisfy technical requirements, volume demand, and unit costs, including high-speed injection molding. The materials are formed to shape from over 50 injection molded geometries. The materials can also be coated using proprietary processes to increase surface resistance, reduce specular or diffuse reflection, or even conductive thin-film layers.

  • Compliant

    With nearly four decades of expertise in aerospace, Cevians has also designed a number of white LED filtering components for applications in commercial MIL-P-7788 illumination products. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes these components meet the requirements of IPL White, Blue-filtered white, and other MIL-C-25050 color requirements.

    Cevians offers critical filtering components to complement sensor devices for performance for a wide range of wavelengths. Parts are designed and manufactured to the requirements of automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

Technical Summary

    • Customizable absorption characteristics from 200 nm to 2um
    • Meets MIL-C-25050 for LED light source
    • High photopic transmission up to 71% for typical white LED
    • OD capability up to 10
    • Moldable materials to custom shapes and sizes
    • Custom injection moldable polymer
    • Polymer compatible to post coating materials and process including thin film and dip coating
    • High-temperature polymer > 200°C operating temperature
    • Integrated reflector
    • Custom optical lens finish, wide view light distribution
    • Compatible with standard adhesive families, epoxides, acrylates, and urethanes

Filtering Components


Bases on white LED x=y=0.333

OD 0.22 ID 0.16 H 0.10


Based on 2150 K incandescent source

OD 0.24 ID 0.18 H 0.12
filtering component



  • Color Correction Filters