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We invest time and effort to grow our workforce and take pride in professional development. Our reputation is a direct reflection of the quality of our employees, an asset that has defined Cevians for decades.

We are agile in our business organization to support the ever-changing market needs— a change that we embrace as a collective and invite as individuals. Cevians values truth and clarity and believes this to be an essential component of a team’s success. We closely define and monitor business strategies to ensure that individual objectives align with our core strategies.

If you have the passion and drive to further develop your talent as a part of our family, we would be delighted to hear from you.

  • Profit-Sharing

    Cevians has a comprehensive plan to reward employees based on company performance.

  • Innovation

    Cevians continuously develops new technologies and products, pushing the boundaries of science and engineering.

  • Stability

    Cevians is well established and has long term contracts with large OEMs.

  • Education

    Cevians believes in continuous learning and developing its employees.

  • Development

    Cevians is a dynamic, fast-paced environment where we continuously strive to do better.

  • Change

    Cevians continues to grow, with adaptability a central component to our success.

  • Flexibility

    Cevians is a small company and flat organization with rapid decision making.

  • Multicultural

    Cevians’ employees speak over 12 languages and come from around the world.

  • Scientific

    We invest in R&D far above industry standards.

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Message from the President

For decades we have supported and challenged one another to translate ideas into tangible results, upholding the responsibility we have to our partners to provide solutions that play a role in safeguarding our warfighters and civil society. The root of our success is in the strong relationships we build, the support we have for one another, and in our belief that diversity and multidisciplinary talent creates a strong foundation for innovation- an approach that has defined where we are today. At Cevians, we have always set our own norms and expectations, we embrace not being normal as we seek to be outstanding at all we do. Ultimately, our expertise is our partner’s reputation.

— Eric Lemay