Absorptive Glass

Absorptive Glass

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Cevians has developed unique high-performance absorptive glass composition. The high phosphate, RoHs and REACH compliant materials are formulated, melted, cut, and polished using our proprietary processes. We currently have 16 formulations which all provide specific absorption from the UV to NIR spectrum.

  • Molded to Perfection

    The glass can be fabricated to sheet form or molded to specific geometries. They are primarily used for custom applications where the performance of commercially available glass is not sufficient. This includes narrow band absorption in specific wavelengths, where the diffusion and refraction index is precisely controlled.

  • Finished to Custom Specifications

    Glasses are finished to custom specifications and can be produced in small and large scale volumes.

Technical Summary

    • Ionically colored high phosphate glass
    • Low thermal expansion
    • Moldable, optical quality dome and lenses
    • High-temperature resistance >485°C
    • O.D. controlled up to 7 OD up to 2.5 um
    • Thickness 0.5mm to 5.0 mm
    • Maximum size 6.0” x 6.0”
    • Finished to size, customer edge finish
    • Double side polishing, flatness up to ¼ wave
    • Custom formulation, high-mix, and low-volume production
  • Standard Absorptive Glass Filters