NVIS Absorptive Glass

NVIS Absorptive Glass

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  • High Performance

    Cevians has developed a unique high-performance absorptive glass for NVIS applications. The high phosphate, RoHS and REACH compliant materials are formulated, melted, cut, and polished using our proprietary processes. Cevians currently has over 16 formulations which all provide specific absorption in the near-infrared spectrum and specific chromaticity to various emitting light sources to satisfy NVIS requirements. This includes sunlight readability in accordance with MIL-STD-85762A.

  • Long-Life Cycle Guarantees

    The glass can be fabricated to sheet form or molded to specific geometries. Many of these formulations were developed in the early ’80s and our continuous engagement ensures availability in long-life cycle applications without the risk of obsolescence due to demand fluctuation or technology migrations.

  • Enhanced Durability

    In general, NVIS absorptive glass is used as a near-infrared absorbing element, chromaticity filter, or contrast-enhancing optical component. The absorptive nature of the glass chemistries eliminates angle dependencies that are typical of interference film technologies. The materials have been tested and qualified to the most rigorous environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810 including humidity, salt fog, and thermal shock.

    Glasses are finished to sizes and can be produced in small volumes.

Technical Summary

    • Low expansion glass NVIS glass used in extreme high-temperature applications
    • NVIS MIL-STD-3009
    • Size from 6” to 6”
    • Thicknesses 0.040” to 0.150”
    • Low haze, high-quality low striae, and inclusions
    • Low volume melt, forming, and flats
    • Phosphoric glass, arsenic, lead, and cadmium free, REACH, and RoHS compliant.
    • Proprietary formulations, for incandescent light sources, CCFL and LEDs. Low thermal expansion materials.
    • Compatible with multiple thin-film coating processes, AR, ITO, Oleophobic, diamond coating
    • Additional finishing of edge coating, silkscreened black masks, silver bus bar
    • Complex machining and high precision surface polishing including double-side polishing
  • Absorptive Glass