Custom Optical Construction

Custom Optical Construction

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At Cevians we have developed our own proprietary optical computer modeling software “GO” that enables rapid and accurate development of optimized complex optical construction. For any given set of optical parameters, polarization, surface specular and diffuse reflection, index of refraction, chromaticity, and transmission including goniometric functions, Cevians can simulate optical component performances for any given light source.

  • Rapid Development

    The company leverages thousands of material characteristics, including its own photochemistries, films, polymers, EMI meshes, glasses, polarizers, and thin-film coating formulations which allows rapid product development and near-perfect first-pass yields.

  • Proven Manufacturing

    Once the materials and ideal construction are completed, it is developed using many decades of proven manufacturing techniques that include glass fabrication, chemical and thermal-treated, roll-to-roll lamination, silk screening, film extrusion, casting, molding, thin-film coating, and optical bonding.

  • Infinite Combinations

    Cevians optical constructions provide for infinite combinations and as a result, can be used in an unlimited number of products and applications, including impact resistance EMI glass, color correction filters, EMI contrast enhancement filters, and laser absorbing filters. These are integrated into medical, industrial, aerospace, and defense applications ranging from LIDAR to life sciences detectors.