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We challenge the norms to deliver excellence

We are passionate problem solvers who deconstruct complex challenges through research and innovation. We are scientists, engineers, business strategists, creatives, and visionaries who translate your needs into solutions that defy performance standards.

Open-minded and hands-on, we are passionate about developing customized solutions, rising to the challenge that each new situation presents. As we own and develop our proprietary technologies, we adapt to provide clients with iterative solutions that respect their unique circumstances.

Message from the President

For decades we have supported and challenged one another to translate ideas into tangible results, upholding the responsibility we have to our partners to provide solutions that play a role in safeguarding our warfighters and civil society. The root of our success is in the strong relationships we build, the support we have for one another, and in our belief that diversity and multidisciplinary talent creates a strong foundation for innovation- an approach that has defined where we are today. At Cevians, we have always set our own norms and expectations, we embrace not being normal as we seek to be outstanding at all we do. Ultimately, our expertise is our partner’s reputation.

— Eric Lemay