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  • Visual and Material Precision

    Cevians offers an array of high-precision lenses and prisms that are custom machined and composed of a variety of materials. Standard geometries are available, including plano-convex, plano-concave, achromatic, double concave, double convex, and cylindrical. Prisms up to 2” are offered for right angle, roof, Amici, wedge, and dove.

    These critical components manufactured to requirements are used in a number of precision sights, periscopes, spectroradiometer, heads-up display light engines, and vision blocks.

  • Custom Finishing and Assembly

    The optics can be finished using Cevians’ standards or customized coating or assembled using optical bonding processes to other optical elements.

    Cevians also provides a one provider solution where other electro-mechanical components and structures can be added to for a subcomponent assembly. This can include light engines and sensors with driving electronics. In most cases, Cevians’ products are better suited in complex, low volume applications where the optics are a part of a system that includes other elements.

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