Cevians is proud to announce that it is the chosen manufacturer for the US Air Force Special Operations Command’s iPad filters. The selected filter is the SafeNight i20; part number FPDCND-IP-003. This Cevians filter can be used on all iPad models to ensure night vision compliance, and offers a double-sided anti-glare finish. This allows the users to integrate night vision goggles without performance reduction from infrared light emitted by the tablet. More importantly, the filter reduces the user’s vulnerability to enemy infrared sensors.

Cevians’ advanced material science laboratory studies have led to significant advancements in nanomaterials, and to the development of cutting edge solutions for military displays. The technology behind the SafeNight i20 for iPad has been field proven and encompasses Cevians’ goal of supporting advanced technologies in the battlefield. Please contact us for a product demonstration, so you can see firsthand how this technology can further enable your mission’s success.

Cevians’ understanding of light behavior at the quantum level, combined with its expertise in material science and an in-depth understanding of optics, has made Cevians a leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Cevians has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, Visible, NIR, and Infrared applications.