Cevians LLC today announced that it is closely collaborating with Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation’s (KICC) Display Division for the design and supply of high-performance active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs) to support North American customers in the aerospace and  high-reliability industries. KICC Display Division, USA and Kyocera Display Corporation, Japan has already worked closely with Wamco in order to serve customers that require custom or added-value components to satisfy aerospace and high-reliability requirements.

With more than 35 years in the display industry, Kyocera is a leader in TFT technologies, delivering best-in-class performance with enhancements including anti-reflective screens and ultra-wide viewing angles. Since its 2010 acquisition of Sony Corporation’s TFT LCD manufacturing plant in Yasu, Japan, Kyocera possesses the interest, technological expertise and capacity to address the aerospace and high-reliability markets with its high-mix, low-volume, long-term product availability and stringent requirements. Wamco brings its market and application knowledge in addition to providing essential product components and additional value necessary to satisfy the industry requirements.

Cevians earned its reputation as an industry leader in the aerospace and high-reliability markets by providing key optical elements such as NVIS filtering technologies, anti-reflection cover glass, heater glass, EMI filtering and unique LED technologies. This close collaboration with KICC Display Division allows Cevians to better serve customers that are continuously looking to obtain high-performance display and optical modules.

The combination of Cevians’ experience in display applications, and ability to add critical value to AMLCD glass, coupled with Kyocera’s leadership position in TFT technologies makes the collaboration unique.