Cevians pioneered night vision illumination technology, leading to the release of MIL-L-85762 in the 1980s with its novel incandescent lamp night vision. Decades later, the company continued to advance in photochemistry, leading to the novel NVISable® LED product lines. These LEDs, fully compliant with night vision lighting requirements for chromaticity and radiance, were rapidly adopted by the industry. The original equipment manufacturers of illuminated keyboards and panels have relied on Cevians NVISable LEDs for years. The solid-state components provide many advantages over their technology ancestors, including resistance to high-vibration environments and reduced manufacturing costs. 

Following years of field feedback worldwide, Cevians is proud to launch its newest family member, the NVISable 0603. This new product offers Cevians renowned product reliability and performance with a number of attractive features to the optical and mechanical designers. The NVISable 0603 is available for both NVIS green A and green B. It is totally enclosed with a low radiance level, which eliminates the need for any additional filtering. It requires only 15 mA and generates over 40 mcd. The high efficiency, low power, and ultra-small packages are perfectly tailored for integral illumination of instrument panels designed to meet MIL-P-7788. The NVISable LED 0603 small factor allows its integration in narrow panel sections with illuminated markings where the light path is limited. 

There are still design strategies based on machining polymeric materials like Cevians SafeNight. While the initial economics appear attractive, the various labor and fixed costs that should be considered do not support the math test. NVISable LEDs are the simplest, fastest, and best value night vision-compatible illumination solution. The addition of the NVISable LED 0603 provides an alternative to the other NVISable LEDs from Cevians, which offer different sizes, chromaticity, and brightness. No matter what your application is, there is an NVISable LED for your applications.