Cevians is further expanding its NVISable LED product line, with the launch of its patent pending F-Series NVIS LED. After years of research and development, F-Series LEDs have integrated nanomaterials with high-precision inorganic thin film coatings.  The result is the ultimate LED component that delivers high-brightness light and high red content, while emitting very low levels of NIR and IR energy.  The NVISable F-Series will revolutionize AMLCD backlighting for NVIS compatible instruments.

Historically, this level of performance was only achievable by integrating high-performance glass filters or strips. The glass filters, with specialized coatings, can fail MIL-STD-3009 if improperly sealed in the AMLCD.  The challenges associated with preventing NIR and IR energy leakage are costly, with a high labor/assembly time to integrate the delicate glass components.  This design strategy also leads to a long development cycle, and increases the risk for manufacturing defects.

With this new expansion to the product line, Wamco integrates the F-Series NVISable LED into its family of displays, thus providing its customer unparalleled NVIS performance with minimal size and weight.  This innovative LED allows us to simplify the entire design, manufacturing, and supply chain effort.  Moreover, as the components are rapidly available, the overall product cycle time is significantly reduced compared to glass filter strips or large sheets of coated glass.

The F-Series LEDs are so efficient, with virtually no color degradation, that they are being integrated as the only light source in small AMLCD assemblies where space is a major constraint and uniformity is essential.

Cevians understanding of light behavior at the quantum level, combined with its expertise in material science and thin film coatings, has made the company a leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Cevians has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, Visible, NIR, and Infrared applications.