Cevians continues to innovate and is now proud to offer the first patent pending NVIS touchscreen. The touchscreen integrates Cevians latest VKK technology which is based on a novel combination of complex thin film deposition and molecular photochemistry. This achievement results in micron thick layers integrated into the touchscreen optical stack. The touchscreen has high visible light transmission, above 60 %, while reducing the amount of near infrared energy to MIL-STD-3009 NVIS compliance. Furthermore, VKK technology is not sensitive to the off angle chromaticity shift typically associated with standard NVIS dichroic filters. In addition, VKK technology features quarter wave optical retardation, thus improving display performance when viewed with polarized sunglasses. Since our VKK technology is integrated into a Cevians custom touchscreen, the internal reflection of the optical element is minimized which leads to improved sunlight readability.

Our VKK technology is compatible with resistive and projective capacitance touchscreens and is designed to resist the harsh environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160. The enhancements to the optical stack also improve the impact resistance of the assembly.

This advancement clearly provides the system designer an innovative and cost effective solution. It is ideal for budget sensitive but high performance applications such as military ground vehicular displays. In fact, by utilizing a front filtering technology, the display assembly provides a continuous NVIS compatible image with unmatched color rendering. This eliminates the need for complex and more expensive dual backlight drivers. Cevians VKK technology based touchscreens allow the designer to benefit from significantly reduced design lead-time and minimal development costs associated with backlight redesign. The touchscreens are currently offered as part of CEVIANS Display modules for sizes 3.5” to 21.5”.