Cevians has completed the expansion of its Montreal-based operations. The expansion will add over 17,000 square feet of modern facilities located in the heart of Ville St-Laurent Technoparc. It will add research, development, and manufacturing capabilities to Cevians’ rapidly growing Displays Business Unit. An experienced team of avionics engineers was established in 2019, and the continued success led to the expansion.

The Montreal team has ready-designed a number of Cevians’ advanced display systems and embedded electronics on multiple commercial and military platforms. The additional capabilities include hardware design, software development, and mechanical and optical designs, which leverage Cevians’ decades of experience in aerospace and defense. In a global market that is connected more than ever, the company is committed to finding the talent where it resides and reinforcing Cevians’ inclusive and creative approach to excellence. 

As we expand, the company is proud to welcome new contributors who are excited to join an amazing group of individuals who embody a passion for engineering and manufacturing excellence. Coincidentally, Claude Gaudette, the inventor of Night Vision Material Technologies and co-founder of Cevians, graduated from l’Ecole des Technologies Superieur de Montreal. 

He emigrated to the United States early in his career in 1984, where he became the technology reference in night vision technologies. He guided the US Navy in the development of military specifications, including MIL-L-85762, and advised other friendly nations’ governments in defining night vision strategies, making the company a reference in Night Vision applications.  Almost 40 years later, under Eric Lemay’s direction, a prime Information Display Technology company is setting foot back in Montreal. 

We are looking forward to continuing to support our customers, developing new talent, and serving the communities where we operate. We are excited about our continued pursuit of perfection.