Transparent Heaters: What Are They and Applications

Transparent heater windows are glass panes coated with a transparent conducting oxide layer. When exposed to an electrical potential, the electrical resistance of this layer produces heat energy, which in turn warms the glass and emits heat. A common, everyday example of a transparent heater is the de-fogging function in a vehicle. 

In extreme environments, transparent heaters are critical for cameras, LCDs, and electro-optical devices below -10°C. Transparent heaters prevent condensation on windows, optical sensors, and cameras in harsh and cold climates where space for a convection heater would otherwise be limited. 

Transparent heater windows were originally used in World War II for windshields of military aircraft. Transparent heaters keep visibility open on windows when deployed to high altitude or cold-weather environments. Without the use of a heater, frost, condensation, and snowfall can form on the aircraft’s windshield, obscuring the crew’s vision. 

transparent heater window

Cevians IMITO Technology

Cevians designs and manufactures a variety of optical coatings, one of which is index-matched ITO (IMITO). One application of Cevian’s IMITO is to create an actively powered optic that functions as a transparent heater with high transmission and low reflection.

Precise material thickness uniformity prevents resistance and heat concentration, ensuring the long-term performance of the optical component. Additionally, even uniformity in the deposition ensures operational reliability and prevents premature failure.

cevians IMITO technology

Cevians Heatwave Heater Windows

There are several important factors to consider when considering the design of Heater Windows, including uniform heating, maximum throughput, and durability. 

Cevians utilizes plasma-enhanced deposition technologies to ensure dense coatings with superior environmental durability, resistance to humidity, salt fog, and abrasion.

Cevians Heatwave Heater Windows are applicable in avionics, ruggedized displays, industrial displays, and anti-frost/fog windows, where optical clarity is essential.


In-situ broadband optical monitoring ensures accurate and repeatable layer thickness resulting in unmatched optical and resistivity properties.

  • Optimized designs minimize reflection and maximize transmission
  • Uniformity: + /-5%
  • Non-Birefringent 
  • Chromatically Neutral Hue 

A pioneer in heater window technology with over 30 years of experience, Cevians is the preferred vendor of IMITO (Index Matched Indium Tin Oxide)heater windows. The Cevians Heatwave® line of heater windows features time-proven designs and the latest deposition technology.

If you want to learn more about Cevian’s advancements in technology and product solutions in the realm of IMITO heater windows, our team of experts is available to answer all your questions and provide you with additional documentation here.