Cevians has expanded its NVISable LED product line and now offers a Green B version. Following the rapid success and market adoption of its Green A NVISable LED, a new photochemistry composition has been specifically designed to satisfy the optical requirements, as defined in MIL-STD-3009 for Green B.

Offering not only excellent chromaticity accuracy, with extremely low infrared emission, the NVISable product also has very low radiance level and requires no additional filtering.

These innovative LEDs are being integrated as the component of choice for illuminated panels and keyboards, with this unique approach rapidly becoming the foundation of military cockpit instrument lighting.

Their use has proven over and over to provide significant benefits in reducing labor cost associated to external filtering techniques, such as machining, bonding process, material handling and inspection for infrared leakage. The unique lens design offers an unparalleled luminous intensity distribution that is virtually flat over a 60° cone from normal. This feature is of critical importance to designers and manufacturers of illuminated panels and keyboards where uniform light distribution greatly eases precise paint application techniques. The use of the NVISable component has resulted in paint balancing time reduction from 15-25% and allowed to greatly reduce process variation.

With a keen understanding of light behavior at the quantum level, combined with its expertise in material science, as well as an in-depth knowledge of optics, without question has made Cevians the leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Cevians has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, Visible, NIR and Infrared applications.