Electromagnetic Interference: What Is It? 

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can come from man-made and natural sources. Some natural sources are lightning, solar flares, and solar storms. Man-made causes of EMI are high-powered audio, electrical sources, and everyday devices such as cell phones.

EMI can pose a severe threat to various critical technologies, including military electronics, aerospace electronics, navigation systems, and control systems.

Applications Of EMI Shielding 

EMI shielding is essential for reliable communication and protection of sensitive materials, especially in military technology. EMI shielding blocks external electromagnetic interference and prevents devices from picking up the wrong signals, which reduces functioning and security. Military LCD displays are among the many types of devices that are susceptible to interference from EMI. 

Risks associated with not implementing EMI Shielding can include the LCD screen producing distortion, horizontal/vertical lines, or discoloration of the image. 

In a situation where there is an interrupted signal due to a lack of shielding, a computer system may be impacted in its ability to complete a task or, in severe cases, can cause complete failure. It is imperative that the military maintains open lines of communication and prevent device malfunctions caused by EMI that could lead to failed missions or casualties.

How Does EMI Shielding Work?

With EMI shielding, the entire display is protected from both outside interference and interference caused by the device itself. A passive LCD module, serving as a pure input component, can receive any signal and cannot determine which signals are good or bad – the shield performs this function. The shield blocks the interference source and prevents the signal from reaching the device. 

The EMI Shield absorbs transmitted signals, keeping the signal clean from interference that weakens its functioning. 

EMI shield engineering

Cevians EMI Shielding 

To adequately protect the screen from interference, the shape, quality, and design of the shield are essential. With years of development of our proprietary technologies, Cevians’ Clear Shield EMI Windows is considered the industry benchmark. Their ability to perform in extreme environments has been proven in countless installations in air and ground military vehicles.

Cevians’ line of Clear Shield EMI Windows both transparent and conductive coatings and wire mesh technologies. 

Transparent Conductive EMI Windows

Cevians fabricates transparent conductive EMI windows using ITO (indium tin oxide). ITO provides a uniform conductive layer with high transmission. By matching the ITO layer index to the substrate material and exit medium, throughput can be further enhanced. 

Wire Mesh EMI Windows 

Cevians’ wire mesh EMI technology was developed for applications needing higher levels of shielding.  While most EMI shielding needs are met with transparent conductive coatings, certain applications require the increased shielding provided by Cevians’ wire mesh technology.  Cevians’ line of EMI meshes is available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to balance light throughput and EMI shielding requirements.

If you want to learn more about Cevian’s advancements in the realm of EMI Shielding technology and product solutions, our team of experts is available to answer all your questions and provide you with additional documentation here.