We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this historical global pandemic. Cevians products are critical to the overall transportation and safety infrastructure and essential to national security as part of “Critical Infrastructure” outlined in Presidential Directive 21.

Cevians continues to remain open as it did since the beginning of the pandemic. We are proud of our employees support in the company’s response to this challenge. Over the course of the crisis, we have worked closely with our customers and vendors. Together, we have been successful to maintain efficient and safe operations.

We continue to maintain a well-establish COVID-19 protocol and monitor health and safety authorities’ recommendations.

Our business continuity plan includes the following main elements:

  • travel ban in place, domestic and international
  • strict third-party access to our facility, limited to essential visits
  • segregation of the company into 6 isolated work zones
  • dispersion of skills, equipment and competency in different zones
  • segregated rest areas and restrooms
  • non-overlapping 2 work shifts in manufacturing areas
  • a number of workers are working from home, full time or part-time
  • health and safety directives in place exceeding CDC guidelines

Cevians strategy is robust in insuring continuity of its activities but still dependent on external providers including its supply base. At this time, we have successfully mitigated such delays. As a precautionary measure to safeguard against possible delays caused by transportation, customs, capacity reduction and our vendors’ challenges in obtaining raw materials we recommend that you plan for extended lead-times by 4-6 weeks.

We look forward to continue working with you and communicate changes as they arise.