Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about the CEVIANS transaction?
What environmental specifications do CEVIANS filters meet?
What are the benefits of a polymeric filter?
What is a sunlight readable LEDgen?
How do I decide what kind of filter is right for my application?
Does CEVIANS have standard filters? Can CEVIANS make cut-to-size filters?
My device has touchscreen capabilities. Can I still use a night vision filter?
What is the difference between Green A and Class A NVIS?
Are all CEVIANS filter products ITAR controlled?
Are CEVIANS filters available with coatings for EMI or Sunlight Readability?
What does surface and internal defect of 80/50 mean?
Why would Anti Reflection (AR) coatings on 2 filters sometimes look different, one is greenish and one looks purple?
Can we rework a scratched filter?

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